TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of Utah By Dr.Cheyn Gunnerson

Dr. Cheyn Gunnerson offers professional dental services with a particular emphasis on solutions for patients living with the painful and disruptive symptoms of TMJ and the sleep disorder sleep apnea. He brings years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to every appointment, using state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques to identify the underlying causes of your symptoms and offers treatment options based on your specific goals.


For patients with TMJ symptoms, Dr. Gunnerson offers a range of oral orthodontic devices. Such as myofunctional therapy (exercises that can activate or improve the muscles of the face) and cold laser therapy (the use of light protons to decrease inflammation and provide relief for TMJ-related headaches and other chronic issues). Patients with sleep apnea may also be prescribed a custom-made oral appliance that will adjust their bite and help them sleep comfortably through the night.

To learn more about Dr. Gunnerson’s therapy options for both TMJ and sleep apnea, make an appointment for a consultation at TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of Utah by calling (801) 877-1126