Kadee - Patient Testimonial

Kadee - Patient Video Testimonial

Hi my name is Kadee Ellsworth and my son is a patient here at Gunnerson Dental. We heard about Mindy through mutual friends. We have been struggling with Bryson for a couple of years, he’s been seeing his paediatrician because he hasn’t been growing, he hasn’t been eating and we haven’t been able to figure out why that is. We were, we were recommended to come over here and to see Mindy, who specialises in myofunctional therapy. When Bryson came here, Doctor Gunderson noticed that he had a severe tongue tie and we got his tongue released and he immediately started myofunctional therapy with Mindy. Myofunctional therapy is, is, a number of things. It’s for thumb sucking. It’s for tongue thrusting, swallowing issues, and with Bryson his was his tongue tie and with his tongue tie come to find out, it could cause issues with textures with foods, which was also causing him not to eat. I had never heard of Myofunctional therapy up until now. It’s not something that’s really practised in Utah. Mindy, is one of the first of several malfunctional therapists here in Utah. I didn’t know this was, was, even a thing until I started coming here and learning about myofunctional therapy. Bryson has been seeing her for a couple of months now and he has changed dramatically. He’s gaining weight. He’s starting to get colour into a skin. All of the things that we’ve been trying to accomplish over the number of years, and that was because of Mindy here at, at, Gunderson Dental, which again she’s one of the few myofunctional therapists here in in Utah to help with habits and swallowing and tongue thrusting. So, I would recommend coming to Gunnerson Dental, if you have these, these, complications with your children or with adults. She can also work on adults that have tongue ties and re-teach them how to position their tongue in in their mouth.

Pamela - Patient Testimonial

Pamela - Patient Video Testimonial

Hi, I’m Pam. I came to see Doctor Gunnerson because I was having pain shooting up the side of my face right into my head and it was awful. I had to take Advil every day. It’s not the life I wanted to live. I was miserable with that and he told me he could help. He explained why my jaw is having problems and how it affects things, and I understood that it made sense. So, we went ahead with the process. He explained how it would help with all kinds of other things as well. My neck and my shoulders and I wasn’t sure I quite believed that, but I I tried the whole process anyway, and it did. I it dawned on me one day when I went to merge onto the road and I could look over my left shoulder and check traffic like a normal person. I haven’t been able to do that for so long. I can reach over and grab my seat belt without a problem. There were little everyday things that I had gone away in my life that I didn’t even realise and now I had him back because I was functioning better. And I didn’t have the pain and I was flexible and Doctor Gunnerson explained how it’s all connected and we know that when we were little kids, we all know that silly song how the leg bones connected to the knee bone and I know it’s all connected, but I just didn’t believe. I guess that my jaw was connected to my neck or my shoulder the way it was, but it really was and it’s helped me in so many areas. I’m so glad I did this. I wish I would have done it years ago though that would have been the best. So, if you’re having any issues with flexibility in your neck and shoulders or pain in your face, I would totally come and get this done. It’s no big deal. It didn’t affect my life that much, except now my life is so much better.

Kristi - Patient Testimonial

Kristi - Patient Video Testimonial

Hi, my name is Kristi and I have a 10-year-old son who has an issue with sucking his thumb and we have tried everything to get him to stop sucking his thumb. We’ve tried sticker charts; we’ve tried hard candy gum and tooth things that he can keep in his mouth and chew and suck on. We’ve tried an arm brace to put over his elbow while he’s slept. We’ve tried gloves. We’ve tried duct tape on the gloves. We’ve tried nasty tasting stuff on his thumb. We’ve tried everything. And nothing helped at all. Nothing made any type of a difference and at our last dental check-up, Doctor Gunderson mentioned myofunctional therapy, something I had never even heard of before, and all of my Internet research, I’ve never come across myofunctional therapy as a way to stop sucking your thumb. So, we thought we would give it a try because we were at our wits end, willing to try anything, and it has been amazing. These a multifunctional approach, that includes a lot of different things. It’s been great, and one of the things that they do have is stuff to put on the thumb that tastes really, really bad, and it’s the only thing bad enough that my son won’t even begin to put in his mouth. My son has gone from sucking thumb every night and sometimes multiple times a day to nothing at night and maybe once or twice a week. It has drastically cut down his thumb sucking by about 90 percent or more and we couldn’t be happier with it and I highly recommend myofunctional therapy.

Sharon - Patient Testimonial

Sharon - Patient Video Testimonial

Hi, I’m Sharon and I am a regular patient of Doctor Gunnerson’s and I actually came to him here a few months ago because my jaw was tightening up and when I was here as a patient, he would ask me to open my mouth a little wider and that wasn’t happening. So, we talked and we decided we would try a treatment. I also have Sleep Apnea, so we were going to hit two birds with one stone. So, we began the process and the initial tests showed that I was definitely in the not normal category as far as being able to turn my head from side to side or open my mouth as wide as I needed to and so we fitted me with an appliance which I’m wearing right now and I wear one during the day and then I have one at night and I’ve been wearing it now for about 3 months and my numbers each time I come in for my check-up have improved. In fact, I didn’t realise how much, until one day I was on the freeway and I needed to change lanes and usually I had to move my whole body to see to make sure there was no car in my blind spot, but since I’ve started my treatment, I can simply just turn my head and I can see in my blind spot both to the right and to the left. Also, we did a test to test my balance and yesterday he wasn’t able to push me over. So, , I’m, a real believer of this wonderful treatment and it hasn’t been too bad. The appliance gets a little kind of bothersome sometimes during the day, not really, and like I can talk. I’m talking to you and I actually am feeling better because I can, I can stand and I have noticed that when, like I said before, when I’m on the freeway, I can look in my blind spot and I don’t have to turn my whole body and I can, I don’t know, there’s just an overall sense of well-being that I’ve really appreciated since coming here and I’m on the downside of my treatment now. So, I can take out the appliance for a few hours in the daytime and we’re working our way so that I don’t have to wear it at all.

Could you tell me a little bit about your sleep Apnea? Me a little bit about your Sleep Apnea. Oh, my Sleep Apnea. Well, I’ve had it for quite a long time and I do wear a CPAP machine at night, but I had been getting up and not sleeping as well and since I have the night guard now or or the night appliance that Doctor Gunnerson gave me I am sleeping better and I get a a more restful sleep because I’m not, I’m, I’m not having to get up in the night or I’m not waking up. That’s part of the Sleep Apnea is that you don’t sleep well and you wake up a lot and I haven’t been doing that since I’ve been using the appliance. If you want to feel better, if you want to get your balance back, if you want to be able to turn your head without having to turn your whole body, then this is the place to come and besides which, these guys are the best. They’re always so friendly and Doctor Gunnerson of course, he’s just the best. He’s been my dentist for years now and very friendly, but also explains everything really, really well. So, you’re not in the dark as to what your treatment is and what it will mean for you. It’s just a good place to come.